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  2023考研英语科目中,很多考生认为作文难度比较大 。考生该如何准备考研英语作文呢?建议大家可以多参考优秀的范文、句型、写作技巧等,通过不断的练习和积累,收获一份满意的成绩。下面新东方小编为大家整理了“2023考研英语作文指导:推荐信注意事项”,希望能给大家提供一些帮助。






  第四:推荐信的称呼一般用To whom it may concern或者Dear sir or Madam。而且推荐信通常由推荐人直接寄给用人单位或学校。


  To whom it may concern: I sincerely recommend Ms. Zhang Chen to participate in your program and researching group. I am a department manager in Guangyou Trade Company and Ms. Zhang had been worked in my department for nearly three years.

  As her direct supervisor, I have a good understanding in her working ability. She was very careful and sensitive to figures. Her monthly statistics and report forms were always the best of the company. And as I knew more about her, I found that she was very much interested in accounting. So I provided her with the opportunity to work with the experienced accountant in our company so that she would be able to learn from him.

  What I appreciate most is her diligence and the ability to learn quickly. By self-study, she passed the exam of accountant qualification. I must admit that it was not an easy task, but she managed it through hard work. Since she had already had a deep understanding in this area, I asked her to be responsible for the computerization of the accounting system in our company. It was within my expectation that she accomplished it successfully.

  And now, as she has determined that she would choose accounting as her life career, I would like to lend my full support in her effort. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to accept Ms. Zhang in your program. I believe that thanks to all her virtues, she would make herself a good student in your prestigious program and make a good contribution to it. And I really hope that I will have the opportunity to cooperate with her again after she got the MACC degree.

  Thank you very much!

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Tong